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     Russian by origin, graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague, currently   living in the Netherlands, regularly participating in different art expositions.

As an artist I am mostly occupied with the issues of  identity whether about the cultural inheritance as seen through the eyes of expatriates as well as in a broader context being a foreigner does not necessarily mean merely a matter of nationality, but rather the fact of being "other".

It's about being other than willingly or unwillingly.. we all wish to belong and at the same time to sustain our individuality. It's about the gap that we dare to keep between ourselves and the others and most of the time the same gap that we are unable to overcome to join the others. It's as well the gap in time between our future, past and what we are now and how we depend on the past and the future.

My work is about history lessons, boundaries, emotional dependency, our vulnerability and connection to the world.